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    About Us

    Tournament Gear

    The Vexan Bass Series line up is designed to meet your exacting needs , casting and trolling all sizes of lures. From the cast to the hookset the backbone and the sensitivity are unmatched in performance by any other rod on todays market. So sensitive you can feel the fish lick the bait before it eats it and strong enough to rip a ten pound bass out of the thickest of matts.

    Striving for Perfection

    At Endless Fishing we are always in search of the best tackle, gear, and new techniques to improve the quality of fishing for not only ourselves but the customer as well. Whether it's new techniques or improved gear and tackle, we're striving to constantly update and improve.

    Who We Are

    Portions of sales are donated back to help organizations such as Wounded Warriors, the Ronald McDonald House, and other various organizations. Therefore we are all giving a little something back in the end. At Vexan Fishing we pride ourselves at not being a number but a name to a face ,more of a family type atmosphere . We want to here how the big one got away or whats working for you on a certain body of water. There's nothing like a good old fishing story to hold ones attention. We to have lots of memories to reflect on and that's what it's all about, a good time with friends and family.



    Where possibilities become reality!

    At Endless Fishing we strive to provide the best products and service possible. However at this time we do hold down a regular 50 hour a week job. Periodically thru out the day we check the site for questions and orders. All questions will be responded to in a timely manner and all orders will ship promptly. We thank you for your business and may god bless you all.

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